Filíocht Anois Mobile App

This mobile app examines the work of five major Irish language poets, providing an essential learning resource for students.

Companion app for iPhone and Android

Based on the TV series Filíoct Anois, combining audio, animation and interactive text, this free app is easy to use, entertaining and educational. 

All twelve poems appear on the CCEA A2 curriculum for Irish Language and are analysed in full, including:

  • 12 critical essays
  • 12 glossaries
  • 12 multiple choice quizzes
  • 5 biographies 

Each poem is presented in full text with an accompanying audio reading, and five of the poems are brought to life in entertaining animated short films. English translation is included throughout. 

This project was funded by the ILBF and Foras na Gaeilge. 

GenreEducational App
FormatiPhone and Android
Production Year2014
Produced byAshlene Aylward
Design byBig Motive