Mnámhallacht – The Persecuted

A creative documentary series exploring six cases of women being accused of witchcraft in Ireland.

Dedicated to all the smart, sassy, bold women who died in the witch hunts.

This series brings to life rare, real life cases of witchcraft accusations in Ireland, the superstitious mindset that underlined them and the brutal consequences suffered by these women as a result.

But it also tells the story of the Cailleach and the Wise Woman Healer, stories of women that form a powerful oral tradition that find their roots in a pre-Christian Ireland and a Gaelic Ireland. Women once had power that was revered and respected. Where did it go? Why was it stamped out? And what do all these womens’ stories have to teach us today?

A Lagan Media Production for TG4, BAI, ILBF and BBC Northern Ireland.

BroadcasterTG4, BBC NI
GenreCreative documentary series
Format6 x 25 mins
Production Year2021
TX DateNovember 2021 (TBC)
Produced byAshlene Aylward
Directed byPaula Kehoe